Monday, December 29, 2008

1228 ・ Ikebukuro CYBER.

Good morning; this is No-name.

Yesterday was the last live of the year.

I am truly grateful

To everyone who came, to all the staff, to all the other bands, to everyone at the live house

And to everyone who was at the live with me.

Thank you for the birthday presents and such, too.

Well then,

With the last live of the year

I can't deny even a bit that it's like a lot of different feelings are rising up within me but

Did everyone who came to see us have fun?

Oh, I generally had fun.

Well, that

The next live will be next year;

Like have a good year, everyone.


I feel a little unwell but

About this time today, I'm thinking I'll go on with a bang.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Ruby Soho / Rancid

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Park at Night.

Hey, this is No-name.

Now, I'm basically at the park but

For some reason I like the park at night.

My heart's somehow cleansed, or I should say, I can think about a lot...

Anyway I'm thinking it's a good place.

Well, life is all over the place.


I slept a little too much today and my head kind of hurts but

I guess I'll kind of do my best.

It's like that.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]

Today's song
[He means this literally; it's not a song title]

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8th.

Good evening; this is No-name.

About this time today I've been thinking that lately, all the tress in town have changed colors.

It's winter, but it's like the neighborhood still looks like autumn.

Oh yeah, since it's become winter I've been wanting to drink my coffee black for some reason.

I typically have black coffee or cafe au lait, but

Somehow, black coffee is [a deep topic].

But black is completely bad for my stomach.

It's dangerous to drink too much.


Please take care not to catch a cold.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Pinhead / The Ramones


Today is the studio.

I could say it's for the pursuit or the investigation of sound

I think a lot of things were nice.
[Things = probably referring to his above pursuit or investigation, etc.]

Of course, music is wonderful.

I'm thinking that right about now, today.


I think I'll do this and that.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Life Is A Grave & I Dig It / Nekromantix

Thursday, December 4, 2008

From the Car Window of the World.

Good afternoon at an early hour, this is No-name.

Well, it's that.

It's great that the weather is good.

The temperature's neither hot nor cold

So this time of year is a really pleasant season to me.

But of course you can't really feel what season it is.

It's like that.

Man, I'm sleepy.

I'll sleep for a bit.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]

Today's song
if -Hitorigoto- / SIAM SHADE

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Creative Activity.

Good evening, this is No-name.

Lately I've been doing like a lot of creative work but


From my heart, I think

That doing a lot of creative work's fantastic.

I want to hurry up and do it in proper form.

It's about the time today that I'm thinking this.


I may do my best again.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido dialect for 'goodbye']

Today's song
"C7 / GO!GO!7188"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sickness and health begin with the mind.

Greetings, this is No-name.

Recently, my health has been just a little, tiny bit bad.

It's the changing of the seasons

Well, it's about that time.


I want to go leisurely look at the leaves changing colors.

Around this time, that's the kind of thing I'm thinking about.

Oh, I don't post about this often.

★ Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club ★

Well, it's like that.

Everyone, let's take care of our health.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Around The World / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Evenin', this is Nanashi.
[Hokkaido-dialect greeting]
[Nanashi = No-name in Japanese. He just wrote it in katakana this time.]

It's November and it's gotten colder.

By the way the picture is of my favorite fragrance.

Well then,


I've been thinking a lot

About my facial hair.

I've been growing it well for about two years so

I wonder what it'd be like if I shaved it

I don't remember how it feels at all.


How would it be?

Well, actually, even though I'm thinking about these things

I won't shave so it's got nothing to do with it.

Well, it's like that.


I'll do my best today, too.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Supernova / ELLEGARDEN

Friday, October 31, 2008


Good evening; this is No-name.

I got a little too drunk yesterday.

My blog writing was fine but I made a few other typos...

I'm reflecting on a lot.

Well, more than that

Today's Halloween.

It's trick-or-treat.

It's the day well-matched with black and orange.

Should I say

It's like Mr. Tim Burton.


I might eat sweets.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Before The War / Helloween

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Now, I'm drinking with a certain Mr. M and a certain Mr. Shunsuke.


Alcohol is wonderful.



It's like thaat ★

Well, I might be a little drunk.

I can't deny it.

I'm gradually

getting there.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Maxwell Murder / Rancid

Minus x Minus = Plus.

Good late evening; this is No-name.

The wind was strong today.

You haven't caught a cold or anything, have you, guys?

It seems like a certain Mr. M caught a cold...


Let's all take care not to catch colds, guys.

By the way, about the title

Everyone knows that if you multiply a negative number by a negative number you get a positive number, right?


Today I was wondering if this calculation is even practical for daily life.

Well the result of my consideration

Was the thought that

Even if there are times you add negatives there aren't really times when you multiply them.

But, for example

We feel down when bad things happen.

And if the desire to fight against that bad thing arises

I wonder if that's multiplication?


Humans are difficult.

Well that's all for today.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I did yesterday.

Evenin', everyone; this is No-name.
[Hokkaido-dialect greeting]

I have a story about yesterday;

I went to Nakamoto with a certain Mr. J.
[Mr. J probably = Jojo]
[Nakamoto is a ramen restaurant in Shibuya]

It was the second time I've been there but

Naturally it left a spicy impression.


Although it was the second time

It was spicy but delicious

About this time today that sentiment's sprouted.


Let's go to Nakamoto again and do it again.

By the way

What was spicy wasn't the ramen; I can't deny our mouths were also spicy.

Of course that could mean anything.

Ok, heading towards the session

No-name will do his best!

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Big City / Operation Ivy

Greetings, this is No-name.

Good evening, everyone; it's Andiana...

Nope, it's No-name.

From now on I'll put things here, so

Please support me from here on.

By the way

If you ask why I'm "No-name"

Well, just look at my profile.

With that, I'll have a session.

★ Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club ★
November 10 (Mon) Ikebukuro CYBER LAYZis-sponsored hazy scenery

☆ Details
☆ Reservations

Please be sure to come.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Current BGM
Flower / HAWAIIAN6

Monday, October 27, 2008

That's rightt ☆

From now on I'm hereee (W∞・V)ノ゙

Are you all doing well?

For me

Maybe I'm exhausted

Three hours after the sponsored

I started seeing signs of a cold

Now my nose is totally nonstop running (´・ω・`)

Well I'll get better soon so


I'll get myself better soon so

No need to worry ☆

I ate vegetables again today (・∀・)

The blessing of the earthhh!

What'm I writing (・∀・)

Well, anyway, from now on

I'll write here so

Please check 50 times a day, guys ヾ(´ー`)ノ

But I won't write 50 times a day (・∀・)

Oh, about the title

I'd appreciate not talking about it... ☆ lol

I might change it on a whim or

It might allllways be like this (・∀・)

So there's that.

I didn't think of anything good.

I'm a dumbface (´ω`)

Well, there's this and that, and it's sudden but

I've got a session (≧ω≦)

The people who know, know (・∀・)?


★ Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club ★

November 10 (Mon) Ikebukuro CYBER LAYZis-sponsored hazy scenery

★ Details here ★


Because of that

I'll totally be waiting for all of you at the venue (・∀・)

Early announcement commenced ☆

With this, I should've safely completed today's work (´ω`)

Not that it's funny you should mention it.

I've been playing a little moreee

G'night (ρ_-)ノ