Monday, October 27, 2008

That's rightt ☆

From now on I'm hereee (W∞・V)ノ゙

Are you all doing well?

For me

Maybe I'm exhausted

Three hours after the sponsored

I started seeing signs of a cold

Now my nose is totally nonstop running (´・ω・`)

Well I'll get better soon so


I'll get myself better soon so

No need to worry ☆

I ate vegetables again today (・∀・)

The blessing of the earthhh!

What'm I writing (・∀・)

Well, anyway, from now on

I'll write here so

Please check 50 times a day, guys ヾ(´ー`)ノ

But I won't write 50 times a day (・∀・)

Oh, about the title

I'd appreciate not talking about it... ☆ lol

I might change it on a whim or

It might allllways be like this (・∀・)

So there's that.

I didn't think of anything good.

I'm a dumbface (´ω`)

Well, there's this and that, and it's sudden but

I've got a session (≧ω≦)

The people who know, know (・∀・)?


★ Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club ★

November 10 (Mon) Ikebukuro CYBER LAYZis-sponsored hazy scenery

★ Details here ★


Because of that

I'll totally be waiting for all of you at the venue (・∀・)

Early announcement commenced ☆

With this, I should've safely completed today's work (´ω`)

Not that it's funny you should mention it.

I've been playing a little moreee

G'night (ρ_-)ノ

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