Monday, December 29, 2008

1228 ・ Ikebukuro CYBER.

Good morning; this is No-name.

Yesterday was the last live of the year.

I am truly grateful

To everyone who came, to all the staff, to all the other bands, to everyone at the live house

And to everyone who was at the live with me.

Thank you for the birthday presents and such, too.

Well then,

With the last live of the year

I can't deny even a bit that it's like a lot of different feelings are rising up within me but

Did everyone who came to see us have fun?

Oh, I generally had fun.

Well, that

The next live will be next year;

Like have a good year, everyone.


I feel a little unwell but

About this time today, I'm thinking I'll go on with a bang.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Ruby Soho / Rancid

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Park at Night.

Hey, this is No-name.

Now, I'm basically at the park but

For some reason I like the park at night.

My heart's somehow cleansed, or I should say, I can think about a lot...

Anyway I'm thinking it's a good place.

Well, life is all over the place.


I slept a little too much today and my head kind of hurts but

I guess I'll kind of do my best.

It's like that.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]

Today's song
[He means this literally; it's not a song title]

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8th.

Good evening; this is No-name.

About this time today I've been thinking that lately, all the tress in town have changed colors.

It's winter, but it's like the neighborhood still looks like autumn.

Oh yeah, since it's become winter I've been wanting to drink my coffee black for some reason.

I typically have black coffee or cafe au lait, but

Somehow, black coffee is [a deep topic].

But black is completely bad for my stomach.

It's dangerous to drink too much.


Please take care not to catch a cold.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Pinhead / The Ramones


Today is the studio.

I could say it's for the pursuit or the investigation of sound

I think a lot of things were nice.
[Things = probably referring to his above pursuit or investigation, etc.]

Of course, music is wonderful.

I'm thinking that right about now, today.


I think I'll do this and that.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

Today's song
Life Is A Grave & I Dig It / Nekromantix

Thursday, December 4, 2008

From the Car Window of the World.

Good afternoon at an early hour, this is No-name.

Well, it's that.

It's great that the weather is good.

The temperature's neither hot nor cold

So this time of year is a really pleasant season to me.

But of course you can't really feel what season it is.

It's like that.

Man, I'm sleepy.

I'll sleep for a bit.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]

Today's song
if -Hitorigoto- / SIAM SHADE

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Creative Activity.

Good evening, this is No-name.

Lately I've been doing like a lot of creative work but


From my heart, I think

That doing a lot of creative work's fantastic.

I want to hurry up and do it in proper form.

It's about the time today that I'm thinking this.


I may do my best again.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido dialect for 'goodbye']

Today's song
"C7 / GO!GO!7188"