Friday, September 25, 2009


[Broken image]
Evening, this is Andy.
[Hokkaido-dialect greeting, "oban desu".]

It's abrupt but

Yesterday, for the first time in my live I saw a gecko.

It was casually hanging on to the car so I was pretty surprised.

It's also a shock that a gecko, which is supposed to protect the home, was protecting the car.
[In Japanese, the word for gecko means "home protector"]



That wasn't a gecko

I can't deny that it might have been a newt.


Newts protect wells, so newts
[In Japanese, the word for newt means "well protector"]

Are however hard to think of as being on land...

The more I think about it

The mystery gets deeper.

With that, until a little while ago I was in Shimokitazawa to see an acquaintance's live.

I can't deny that I somehow have the feeling I'm coming to Shimokitazawa a lot this month to see lives.

Every-day diligence.

It must be exactly that.


It's like that.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]


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