Thursday, October 8, 2009


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I'm a jerk who was watching a DVD

and from there

went back to work

and it's this hour

If I go into work mode

it's pretty much always kind of like this lol

And so

full brain function

and a sound mind

naturally, doesn't mean I can sleep, so

my duties are over.

It's Kaede-san's


at times like these.

It's Bombay


It's been my partner for ages

I usually drink it with lime in it

It's morning so excuse me lol

But I can't help my inverted lifestyle

And so

when the switch is flipped

I'll get to sleep

The wind is making a ton of noise

Those of you going to work or school

take care

When I wake up it's [time for] rehearsal


Ka ★

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It seems I've forgotten how to wake up...

This is Jojo (´・ωW`)

Waking up just isn't easy...


I ate out with Mr. Leo of NaiL for the first time in a long time ( ゚∀W)

He seems better than ever (´ωW)

We promised to eat out again ★

Next time may even be alcohol ( ゚∀W)v

I'm looking forward to it (´ωW)

How should I put this

Though I had planned to finish writing a new piece this day


It's like, there are even days like these...


I'll do my best tomorrow (´・ωW`)

Jo ★

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Harvest moon

Seems like it (・∀・)

Iiiit's meeee ヾ(W∞・V)ノ

But well, I'm not looking at the moon (゜∀゜)

And, everyone who came to the Takadanobaba performance

Thank youuu (≧ω≦)ノシ

Thank you to all of my band mates, to all the other bands, and to all the staff at AREA ☆

Thanks for the gifts, too (´ω`)

To tell the truth

I've only ever been to Mouse Kingdom onceee
[He means Disneyland]

It was on a school trippp

While everyone was playing

I had to write apology letters on the bus
[He probably misbehaved and was being punished]

So I didn't really get to enjoy ittt

That's what I rememberrr

Noo, it's embarrassing (*/ω\*)

Well then, what do you all think of the new song (・∀・)?

We'll play it more and more from now on

Next iss

A biig biig

Halllll ヾ(゜∀゜)ノ

Looking forward to ittt


It's yahaa
[Laughing sounds]

G'night (ρ_-)ノ

Friday, October 2, 2009


Good mornin' (・∀・)ノシ

There's a show today (´ω`)

Unfortunately, it's raining (´-ω-)

I've mostly finished preparing

And I'm hungry (´・ω・`)

Dinner last night

Was cup noodles with a side of onigiri

So I don't really get it and

I'm hungry (´・ω・`)

Well, today

Fufufu... (゜∀゜)

It's like that (/・ω・)/

Well then, everybody

Laterrr (W∞・V)ノシ