Monday, December 28, 2009


Thanks for the love letters and peta (○`ε´○)
I just got up
And I'll at long-last return the peta ☆

This kaomoji is pretty good (○`ε´○)

Hmmmm (○`ε´○)


The more I eat, the stranger, weirder curry I perfect (`・ω・´)ゞ

It's delicious but I doubt my tongue, like does curry taste like this? I doubt my taste. I doubt my brain.

For now, it's spicy!!

The feature of today's curry is garam masala.

If you put this stuff in it doubles the spiciness ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

Thanks to that, I'm dripping with sweat even though I took a bath a little while ago.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

That said

I talked to RYUZI tons and tons
And now I'm starting to make curry.

It's interesting to try putting different things in and trying out different things and making different flavors ☆

By the way, I thought if I put grapefruit in the acidity wouldn't be very good so I don't recommend it!!
Things I've added so far are instant coffee, Nikaido barley shochu, wine, beer, corn soup, consomme, noodle water, cola... etc. etc. there are so many other things but I forgot what.

I wonder if my thinking that coffee was pretty good is because I'm a caffeine addict? (-.-;)

Today I'm making it with vegetable juice instead of water.

I'm hungry (>_<)


Just when I thought I'd go out to buy things to make curry
I ran into super bassist RYUZI ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

It seems like he's making a new band!
Let's do our best together (^^)/

I love it

I love salad.

I can't handle its crispness.

Salad over rice
Salad over bread
Salad over okonomiyaki
Salad over takoyaki
Salad over pasta
Salad over yakisoba
I'd have to think about yakiniku.
Nonetheless, curry wins.

Maybe I'll make curry for the first time in a while today (^^)

SHINING ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

Friday, December 25, 2009


I was home before I realized (lol) That's a side effect of having fun ☆
It was really fun ☆
I'm going to get a bath and then sleep now.

I'll return peta when I wake up.

SHINING! ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

Special Merry Christmas ☆

I'm spending a fun Christmas with my senpai bandmen and musicial friends ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃
With S.Q.F's Michi-san, The ROMEO's Daishi-san, the guitarist Mr. Riino, and The ROMEO's manager Taka ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃
Everyone, happy happy Merry Christmas ☆

Please have a nice Christmas, everyone ☆

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Thank you!!
Today the weather was nice from the morning and I was able to do the live with high spirits.

The photo is with super-bassist HIROKI-san from bands like Hiroshima, The ROMEO, Loveless, and PENICILLIN (^^)v
Before Loveless went on for real he came just to watch us ☆

No wayy; it was a Chirstmas present. Thank you ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

It was a super fun day. All the members of THE GALLO, the staff, all the fans, everyone from the sponsoring band PRIMEADDICT, Nishimura-kun from RUIDO, and everyone else at RUIDO K2, thank you.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Hikaru!!

Nice to meet you and it's been a while
This is Hikaru, the guitarist who joined at THE GALLO's sponsored live yesterday at Takadanobaba AREA!

Vivi-chan introduced me during the MC but I'm not Shikaru (^-^;

I'm Hikaru ヾ(o`冂´o)ノ〃

Thank you for yesterday, everyone. I'm glad to finally stand on stage as an official part of THE GALLO O(≧∇≦)o
I'll make the stage intense and fantastic so please support me from now on~ (`▽´)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Today was the Takadanobaba sponsored performance (´ωW)

Thank you very much (´ωW)v

Where is a good place

to express these feelings of gratitude


will make the leap here (´ωW)!


Do you comprehend (´ωW)v


Please prepare a pen and paper


please copy


goo go goo to

Let us meet in the new black world (´ωW)★



Thanks for today ヾ(*´ω`*)ノ

Allow me to thank you once more tomorrow ヾ(゜∀゜)ノ

Alcohollll, ahaa

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Greetings, this is Andy.

As a matter of fact, yesterday was my birthday.

I am truly grateful for so many love letters.

No, I am really as happy as I could be.

However, to tell the truth I caught something of a cold for about a week...

Simply put, I cannot deny that my voice is nasally now, too.

Seeing as I had confidence that I couldn't be defeated by cold germs, my heart is full of frustration.

I must steadily look after my health!

Everyone, please look out for your health, too.

It's like that.

[A casual goodbye in Hokkaido dialect]

Friday, December 18, 2009

Emtpy-stomach Jojo

Good morning

The morning is extremely lovely today (´ωW)!


It is our four-string black rooster,

Andy's birthday (´ωW)!

Oh boy

Joyous (´ωW)★

The day after tomorrow is Lulu's birthday

So it is a flush for the December roosters (´ωW)!

The preparations for the 1221 GALLO-sponsored [live] are progressing steadily

so won't it be a magnificent celebration for them (´ωW)!

A wonderful announcement is in the works

and it is the prerelease day for "Tokyo Cinderella" (´ωW)v

That is, if you miss the 1221 GALLO-sponsored [live]

you won't have it in your hands for a whole month (´ωW)

Won't you share your lovely nightmares with us (´ωW)!


I am holding out a little longer on having a meal (´ωW)!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Game-fowl Jojo

This is Jojo

who has been interested in

game fowl




several hours ago (´ωW)!

I'm very busy before the sponsored live but

It is Lulu and Andy's birthday performance

so I want to celebrate extravagantly (´ωW)!


Game fowl (´ωW)!

Friday, December 11, 2009

1209 Ikebukuro CYBER.

Evening, this is Andy.
[Hokkaido-dialect greeting, "oban desu".]

Thank you for [coming to] the performance at CYBER.

I am truly grateful

to everyone who came, everyone on staff, to all the other bands, and to everyone at the live house

I am also really grateful for the provisions.
[Provisions = gifts from fans]

Well, here's the set list

It was

3. Danshou Ballerina
4. Maou -taidou-
5. Maou -kakusei-
6. Tokyo Cinderella

It was the first time at CYBER in a while

and somehow it felt like a really long time.

With this feeling

we unveiled a new song this time.

The third song, Danshou Ballerina, is a new song.

We haven't had a tune like this before

and has an undeniably fresh feeling.

That said

next is 1221 at Takadanobaba AREA.

We can only play with a bang next time, too.

I'll be waiting for all of you.

It's like that.

[Hokkaido-dialect goodbye]

"Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses"

Pic Jojo

The first Ikebukuro performance in a while ( ゚∀W)★

Thank you very much (´ωW)v

This is Jojo ( ゚∀W)!

To tell the truth, all of us gathered today and were busy (´ωW)

At any rate, new costumes, too...

No, no

As there was a somewhat large number of problems, we must improve them but


We will hold out just a little longer until the 1221 sponsored performance (´ωW)!

Speaking of that

This is also the first in a while
[Link to continue reading here; we were unable to recover the rest of the blog entry]

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Evening, this is Andy.


Recently it kind of feels like it's gotten much colder.

Naturally, winter is the calmest, huh.

It's like that right now today.

Which reminds me, a questions came the other day


What kind of shochu I like
[Shochu is a kind of liquor]

So I think I'll answer it.

Actually, in the past I taste-tested a lot of shochu for the best flavor

And I remember potato shochu being the best at the time.
[Shochu is most commonly made from potatoes]

On the other hand, the kind I don't like is shiso.
[Shiso is a Japanese herb]

The moment I drank it I started shaking for some reason.

Shiso is better when eaten as it is,

not when it's made into shochu.

It's kinda like that.

Well then

tomorrow is the first time at CYBER in a while.

I can only do it with a bang!


[Hokkaido dialect for 'goodbye']

"Rainy Blue" / Hideaki Tokunaga