Friday, December 18, 2009

Emtpy-stomach Jojo

Good morning

The morning is extremely lovely today (´ωW)!


It is our four-string black rooster,

Andy's birthday (´ωW)!

Oh boy

Joyous (´ωW)★

The day after tomorrow is Lulu's birthday

So it is a flush for the December roosters (´ωW)!

The preparations for the 1221 GALLO-sponsored [live] are progressing steadily

so won't it be a magnificent celebration for them (´ωW)!

A wonderful announcement is in the works

and it is the prerelease day for "Tokyo Cinderella" (´ωW)v

That is, if you miss the 1221 GALLO-sponsored [live]

you won't have it in your hands for a whole month (´ωW)

Won't you share your lovely nightmares with us (´ωW)!


I am holding out a little longer on having a meal (´ωW)!

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