Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Evening, this is Andy.


Recently it kind of feels like it's gotten much colder.

Naturally, winter is the calmest, huh.

It's like that right now today.

Which reminds me, a questions came the other day


What kind of shochu I like
[Shochu is a kind of liquor]

So I think I'll answer it.

Actually, in the past I taste-tested a lot of shochu for the best flavor

And I remember potato shochu being the best at the time.
[Shochu is most commonly made from potatoes]

On the other hand, the kind I don't like is shiso.
[Shiso is a Japanese herb]

The moment I drank it I started shaking for some reason.

Shiso is better when eaten as it is,

not when it's made into shochu.

It's kinda like that.

Well then

tomorrow is the first time at CYBER in a while.

I can only do it with a bang!


[Hokkaido dialect for 'goodbye']

"Rainy Blue" / Hideaki Tokunaga

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