Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q&A - Andy - Plug January 5, 2010

THE GALLO Andy, Bass
Translated by Ku
Originally published on a now-defunct interview site.


Birthday/blood type
December 18/A

Three words that describe you
Huge, scary, long

Favorite phrase
Isn't it~

Strong points / strengths
Having nightmares

Weak points / weaknesses
Waking up

Piercing count
6 in my left ear

Calls or cell phone mail?

What you always carry with you
Cell phone, cigarettes, wallet

A magazine you read often
None in particular

Something you collect
Nothing in particular

When you feel maxed-out
The day after I've had too much to drink

Something that makes you a little happy
When I win some kind of sweets

What you like about each member
I like everything about everyone

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?
I'd become Jojo and drink alcohol like a flood

Childhood dream
Police officer

Favorite convenience store
Seiko Mart

Specialty cuisine
Vegetable stew

Your own personal routine
Dozing off after waking in the morning

A challenge you want to try soon
Eating Soba everywhere all over the country

Something that recently made you happy
Eating soba

Something that recently made you sad
Losing my DS

Something on your mind recently
Movements around the world

Favorite fragrance
Davidoff Cool Water

Cell phone wall paper
Whatever I feel like

What do you have on your cell phone?
A strap

Three things you want the most right now
Luck, leeway, soba

Your message
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