Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q&A - Hikaru - Plug January 5, 2010

THE GALLO Hikaru, Guitar
Translated by Chiva
Originally published on a now-defunct interview site.


Birthday/blood type
February 26/B

Three words that describe you
Red, crazed, kamite guitarist

Favorite phrase
Shining Wizard Weapon Hikaru

Strong point / strength
It's a secret

Weak points / weaknesses
There are none in particular

Piercing count
One in my left ear

Calls or cell phone mail?

What you always carry with you
Tiny old man*
*A rumoured "creature" from a Japanese urban legend that´s started spreading in 2009. "Tiny old man" is said to be 8 - 20 cm big and can be seen practically anywhere - he has been spotted in the windows, in people´s bathrooms or in the trees of parks.

A magazine you read often
Kera, Zipper

Something you collect

When you feel maxed-out
When sleeping for 18 hours

Something that makes you a little happy
When I wake up, but then I fall asleep again.

What you like about each member
Jojo: He can be a funny character, something that can't be expressed in words
Lulu: He is kind
Andy: He is kind and passionate, he generally accepts me
Kaede: That he always does his best in the shadows, seriousness

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?
I would want to be an alien and invade the Earth

Childhood dream
To be a painter

Favorite convenience store
Family Mart

Specialty cuisine
Curry & rice

Your own personal routine
A Red Bull before every live

A challenge you want to try soon
I want to meet lots of people on the tour even if by myself

Something that recently made you happy

Something that recently made you sad
The loss of a friend

Something on your mind recently
A song

Favorite fragrance

Cell phone wall paper
A portrait

What do you have on your cell phone?

Three things you want the most right now
Status, prestige, kindness

Your message
Everyone, let's get wild and loud without holding back! Let's meet at a live!

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