Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q&A - Jojo - Plug January 5, 2010

THE GALLO Jojo, Vocals
Translated by Chiva
Originally published on a now-defunct interview site.


Birthday/blood type
June 5/B

Three words that describe you
Overwhelmingly strange, incredibly wondrous; Wild ideas beyond heavens rounded up; Quick delivery, No graffiti*
* 奇妙奇天烈摩訶不思議、奇想天外四捨五入、出前迅速落書き無用 - this is an original answer, written by Jojo as one line - it's part of lyrics for a song from a popular Japanese anime series Doraemon; the translation is only very rough since it's very difficult to transform it properly into English without the song context, and because basically it's only a string of nouns

Favorite phrase

Strong points / strengths

Weak points / weaknesses
Being passive

Piercing count
Right ear- 7, left ear- 9, eyebrow- 1, nose-1, mouth- 1, tongue- 1, nipple- 2, navel- 1

Calls or cell phone mail?

What you always carry with you

A magazine you read often
Adult magazines

Something you collect
Toys, clothing, accessories

When you feel maxed-out
When I'm lacking sleep

Something that makes you a little happy
When I find something I want at auction and I win it too

What you like about each member
Things that are too obscene, restraining myself

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?
Yanguu Shigekiyo*; I´d use his stand, Harvest**
* A character from the fourth story arc, Diamond is Unbreakable, of the Japanese manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
** In the manga some characters are capable of using Stands. A Stand is a a semi-physical manifestation of one's ripple powers. In Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure ripple is a martial arts technique that allows the user to focus bodily energy into other kinds of energy via proper breathing.

Childhood dream
To conquer the world

Favorite convenience store
* A convenience store from J's BA, a parody a real conbini, Lawson. The asterisk here actually appears in the interview, with Jojo's note at the bottom...

Specialty cuisine
Little Gourmet*
* A recipe that appeared in the Japanese cooking manga series OH!MY Konbu. The recipe comprises of heating a few marshmallows in microwave, adding chocolate flakes on the top and then mixing it all together.

Your own personal routine
When I need to calm down, I count prime numbers*
* Another JJBA reference: in part 6, the priest Pucci does this.

A challenge you want to try soon

Something that recently made you happy
The announcement of the sale of the figurine series for Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure・Part 4

Something that recently made you sad
Despite the announcement, there was nothing about the sales for Hirose Koiichi and Echoes ACT-1, ACT-2, and ACT-3*
* A character in 4th arc of J's BA and his Stand.

Something on your mind recently
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8

Favorite fragrance
Vivienne Westwood ANGLOMANIA

Cell phone wall paper
Kujo Joutarou*
* Perhaps the most popular character, from the 3rd arc of J's BA.

What do you have on your cell phone?
Silver stars (a strap)

Three things you want the most right now
A life-size stone mask*. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Cassette Book, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Hyakunin isshu Douhet**
* A prop from J's BA - a mask that transform anyone into a vampire.
** A type of a card game.

Your message
In 2010, we, THE GALLO, a flock of black roosters, will infallibly become the center of this music industry! Therefore, stay tuned! Please look after us kindly!
*My favourite conbini is not Lawson, it is Owson★

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