Monday, December 16, 2013



It's seems there're

more and more chances to come into contact with you all... ★

That means there’s an urgent announcement, but… w

Probably… tomorrow

I’ll… announce… it!!

Sorry. But I’m in a hurry.

Just a little longer ‘til the release of GALLO.

While in contact with shop people today

We got to liven things up together, so

I feel a barrage of gratitude and inspiration.

Believing that someday

THE GALLO’s steady movements will become a powerful force

I’ll fight on

With the mendori…!!
[Mendori = hens, THE GALLO's name for their fans]

I wanna face the drums carefully, today and now.

I plan to put to use

The new weapons I got the other day

Starting at the next performance★

★"Gallo The Sample Ni"  distribution notice
The special recording "Gallo The Sample Ni" will be distributed at 14 places across the country.
Please be sure to take a look.

★Distribution begins on 12/7

・ZEAL LINK Shibuya
・ZEAL LINK Takadanobaba
・Brand X
・Jishuban Club
・little Hearts Shinjuku
・little Hearts Sendai
・Village Vanguard Takadanobaba
・Hamamatsu AshLD50
・Niigata R.I.P
・ Sapporo ongaku-dokoro
・Sapporo Traumerei
・Media Station BIG Yahatahigashi

・THE GALLO's merchandise booth (beginning December 11, 2013)

※Numbers are limited. Please be sure to
get it quickly.

December 18, 2013 release
THE GALLO full album


01. Kinsho
02. Kyoumei
03. Dainihon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyoku Ei he Tanchou
04. Tokyo Harenchi Gekijou -eden-
05. Kyokutou Koi Shigure ・ Ai
06. Maou -kyousou-
07. Maou -doukoku-
08. Kokkeiron -souzouhen-
09. Taiyou
10. Dainihon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyoku ho Tanchou
11. Kyokutou Koi Shigure ・ Beni
12. Dokusou

EMR-004 ¥3000 (tax included)

Sales: Emperor Records

★THE GALLO full album "GALLO" special bonus notice★

・Jishuban Club Comment DVD / photo set (singles + group)

・Brand X Comment DVD / artist card set (singles)

・Hamamatsu AshLD50 Comment DVD

・little Hearts Shinjuku Comment DVD

・little Hearts Sendai Comment DVD

・Niigata R.I.P Comment DVD

・Sapporo ongaku-dokoro Comment DVD

・Fukuoka SKULLROSE Comment DVD

・ZEAL LINK Comment DVD / signed artist photo set (singles)

※Please buy them soon, as quantities are limited.

Tons of advertising. Sorry.


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