Monday, January 13, 2014

Something good about being THE GALLO

Oh yeah.

In the green room yesterday at Takasaki FLEEZ

a person sponsoring the live, who also had his birthday

got to the venue even earlier than me

and prepared something

He treated us to

a heaping amount of curry and rice

via catering.

I was grateful for it, and

when the performers found the time

they were eating

and several from THE GALLO

decided to

eat after our performance.

I was one of them.

So after we finished performing I returned to the green room

and when I thought, okay, time to eat…

when I looked

Of course there was curry left, but

The only thing missing was spoons… w

The plastic ones.


I did this...

It so happens that

I hadn't gotten this

long before.

So with my own efforts

I ate.

The other bands

put a ton of curry on their plates
without noticing

and afterwards confusedly searched for spoons… w

I completely dodged the bullet

with my metal spoon.

That's all.

Each of you, please

keep at least

one silver spoon & white plate

set... w

I give them rave reviews; you can purchase them

at THE GALLO’s merchandise booth.

They are official merchandise.


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