Saturday, March 1, 2014

Artist Column - Jojo - CURE V-SPLASH March 2014

THE GALLO Formal Thesis - Jojo
Translated by Ku

To all the Cure V-splash readers
Today I will take fanatics (otaku) into consideration
I suppose that "otaku" exist in any world (realm) and support this world (realm)
The world of music is no exception
Without a doubt, you, readers, are sustaining our world!
Without your assistance, even to exist would be difficult
As my name suggests, yours truly, too, is living nobly as a "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" otaku
An "otaku" living nobly as an "otaku"
Is an honor to the world you love
"Otaku" is not "derogatory" it's an "honor"!

1 Keigu is a set word for closing a formal letter; it could be translated into English as "sincerely" but doesn't need to be followed by a signature.
Jojo's written this column in very formal Japanese.

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