Monday, June 9, 2014


Everyone who came to THE GALLO's solo performance

It was a treat!
[Gochisousama deshita]

This year's birthday performance was first-rate again!

I received a lot of letters and gifts!

Maou -koibumi- (fan mail)

Kokkeishiki Dokuen -shamo- (Twitter)

Shin ・ Kokkeishiki Kichiku Outou (Ameblo and Ameba messages); via these

I received a lot of blessings!

I am terribly grateful!

Thanks d(ΦwΦ)b

With an afterglow of the solo performance lingering

I want to disable myself for a little while but

Facing the release of an album for THE GALLO

It is the production period for a while!

Without a break

I would like to have your encouragement!

I will devour all of it (ΦwΦ)v


Thank you for putting up with my ego!


I am glad d(ΦwΦ)b

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