Sunday, June 22, 2014

Takdanobaba ZEAL LINK

We had the in-store.

The date changed but...

Of course I

And my band mates

Feel happy

That we could meet so many people.

I don't think it's something

Spread around publicly but


Are musicians, so

We pour our everything

Into sound

And the stage.

So when there's an in-store too

We have no weapons

We're just kiiiinda anxious guys (lol

The only thing in common [with music] is that it's entertainment...

Actually it's something that I rack my brains over

Even more than performing (lol

A space unique space

That everyone creates together.

It's nice

Even if everyone's a little tired.


A lot of people came.

[The name of THE GALLO's fans]

Thank you...

Let's make good memories

Again next week.

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