Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lyrics update

Tokyo Harenchi Gekijou -eden- lyrics have been added upon request!

Feel free to comment if there are particular song lyrics you'd like us to get back online soon!


  1. It would be really nice, if Musou - Muen & Succubus would be translated :3

    1. Thanks for your requests! It helps us stay motivated to work on the lyrics section.
      Musou is up:
      Muen is already translated, so we should be able to have that posted soon. SUCCUBUS may take a little longer, but we'll prioritize these!

  2. Oh wow, this was fast xD
    Haha thenks so much ~ :3
    The Lyrics for Musou are so great, I love Jojo's writing :3
    Also yay at SUCCUBUS & Muen ~ o:

    Also 'Ainihon GALLOIST Renmei Koushinkyoku A-minor - 大日本黒鶏主義者聯盟行進曲イ短調' the 10th Track of Nero [Idk which translation is now right cause I found both o.o] would be kinda cool to be translated.
    I hope it's not bothering you, to request them haha xd

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply! We've been working on the DIAVOLO tracks because of the recent release.
      Ah, I think you mean "Dainippon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyoku I Tanchou" (People on MH have been misromanizing GALLO titles for years, which may be the cause of confusion there, but I promise this ^ is correct.)

      The Tanchou songs are great, but extremely challenging to translate because of the terminology, extremely formal writing style, and WWII references. I'd love to get it done soon, but the Tanchou songs are usually at the bottom of our priority list because of how long it takes to get through them.
      SUCCUBUS may be done sooner, though, and again, I'll try to have Muen up soon..!

      We have pretty limited time lately though, so I'm very sorry in advance for the wait.