Monday, April 11, 2016

Articles Update!

Though we have an awful lot of lyrics left to get through, the articles posts actually call for a lot less code -- meaning I was able to get the articles page and all its completed contents back online tonight!:

These are the old articles we already had online before the move, and doesn't, unfortunately, include anything new, though we've been working on several newer interviews. The band is just getting so many interviews lately that we've had a hard time keeping up or finishing translation projects!

Lyrics will most likely come before completed interviews, but feel free to continue commenting with requests for anything you're interested in seeing. I'm working through requests, but I do have a pretty busy life and am running this site almost solo now (my co-mod is even busier than I am!).

Requests may take some time to fill, but I will get to them!

Thanks for all the kind comments so far, and thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. thank you,you've been doing a great job here
    i'm really thankful.Don't stop updating this site
    we fans are counting on you!!