Friday, April 1, 2016

Personal Interview - Jojo - SEVEN April 2016

Translated by Ku

—Please give us commentary for one song from the new full album, "DIAVOLO," released on March 2nd.
"Inma -BELPHEGOR-," in both lyrics and music, is a condensed version of THE GALLO's worldview. Regarding the lyrical content, I'm proud that it's a showpiece that gathers together the flow from "Muma -INCUBUS-" and "Muma -SUCCUBUS-." I'd like it if you would regard it as heresy to love songs.

—Please tell us about something to look for, a story, a scene you're particular about, or something that happened during the shooting of the MVs that were recorded at the same time* -- "Douma -BELIAL-" and "Inma -BELPHEGOR-."
"Douma -BELIAL-": I will sing my last song from the gallows for you, my beloved.
"Inma -BELPHEGOR-": The bedroom in the middle of the night is a utopia and the bed on a moonless night is an amusement park.**
* These were not actually recorded at the same time, as evidenced by the change in members' hair colors and styles. This is the interviewer's mistake, not a translation mistake.
** Both of his answers are lyrics from the respective o

—What is something to look out for at THE GALLO's lives?
Welcome to the foreign brothel, "The Black World."

—Please let us hear about a performance that left an impression on you from the sponsored [tour], "Kyokutou Kuro Shakai Rengou Daisensou," or your thoughts on it.
The bonds of solidarity between [us and] the assisting bands and audiences were an inspiration.

—Please recommend one song for those who haven't heard THE GALLO['s music].

—Please tell about the main point of your current clothes and hair/makeup.
For clothes, the overall theme is a glittering surplice over complete blackness.
For makeup, it's the bizarre curl in my fringe and raunchy glittering lips.

—What got you involved in music; where are your roots? And, please tell us why you chose the part of vocalist.
My starting point was the SEX PISTOLS. I learned [music] with the rebellious spirit of punk rock. I decided to sing using my words as my weapon in order to express myself. 

—Please offer a message of support to those who are beginning a new life this spring.
The Heisei* world is hell. However, we do not know the true Hell. Please be grateful that you were born into into an era of happiness.
* The current calendar era (as of this writing in 2016) is Heisei.

—Do you have a defining feature?

—Please tell us what your favorite chocolate is.

—About your interest in toys -- please tell us just about your favorite item.
Along with my life in music, I posses all of the Super Action Statue as well as Statue Legend items, issued by the unchallenged leader, reputable Medicos*, which replicate "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," which I've poured my affection into. If you are in possession of the Swarovski items**, please drop me a line or present them to me right away.***
* Medicos is a toy maker that makes the figure lines Jojo mentions; one is an action figure line, and the other is a high-quality figure line.
** There have been collaboration JJBA figures with Swarovski crystals; it's clear that Jojo doesn't own them and wants them badly. They're very rare and very expensive.
*** This whole response is written in extremely stiff formal writing, typical of Jojo in writing.

—What is THE GALLO to you?

—Lastly, please give a message to the readers of SEVEN.
I cannot stand the exchange of shams sent out by fake music advocates. I would be glad if you would kindly satisfy yourself with the world of THE GALLO's new album "DIAVOLO" and sense the attitude therein of smashing our way through to the future.  The world of THE GALLO plunges into a new chapter.

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