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Thank you very much
to everyone who came to the show yesterday

The flock of black roosters howledSCAPEGOATのLAYHA
in order to celebrate SCAPEGOAT's LAYHA-sama

For our next performance as well we will continue to participate in SCAPEGOAT-sama's tour
Please look forward to the Fukuoka show as well

Hakata DRUM Be-1

SCAPEGOAT presents Countrywide TOUR
"Shitai wa Kataru"

Open: 15:30 / Start:16:00
Advance: \3500 / Door: \4000
※Excludes drink fee

Dainippon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei (THE GALLO)  / SCAPEGOAT / ELM / SAVAGE / Nihilizm / MORRIGAN / REIGN

e-plus Preorder
(Ticket Numbers A1-)

March 13, 2016 (Sun)~
(Ticket Numbers B1-)

※There will be no band reservations.

★Entry Order★
One→Two→Door tickets

Planning / SCAPEGOAT
Production / SCAPEGOAT
Collaboration / Hakata DRUM Be-1

(Inquiries) Hakata DRUM Be-1 092-737-5300