Monday, July 4, 2016

Notice Regarding Translations / Materials

If you've ever copied or referenced any materials from this site, please read this real quick.

I've found YouTube translators who have used our English translations as a base to translate into other languages, and I've found Facebook groups and fansites that have verbatim copy-pasted information from our website without notice or credit.

We've worked extremely hard over the past 4 years on the materials available on this website, and on keeping the website online and updated.

If you're going to use material from us on your blog, video, fansite, Facebook, or whatever -- at the very least please LINK back to Uncredited republication, or republication with a mention but no link, is unacceptable. At least link back to us, but we'd also love to hear from you if you're interested in using material from our website somewhere else. We're not disagreeable and are all about spreading the love for this band, but reposting content we've worked hard on without permission is just really not okay.
If you like our work enough to copy it around the internet we would really appreciate knowing it.

Most of what you're going to find here is not publicly available elsewhere. We did not copy content from any other fan, and much of the information/lyrics were posted or compiled by us before anyone else. Again, we've put a lot of work into this site.

* If you find materials somewhere that have been copied from our website without a link back, we'd also appreciate if you can link to that material in the comments of this post or let us know so we can look into these cases.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


  1. i agree,you guys deserve to be credited

    1. Thank you for your support! ^_^

  2. Hi ^^
    Actually, I don't know if this is the right place to post this xD But, A few days ago I found your site and I think is an awesome work. I'm a japanese-spanish translator, and I've looked into the lyrics section so I would like to help (if you want me to, of course) with some spanish translations.

    Here's my site if you want to check some of my work ^^

    P.D: I've translated some of Gallo's songs, but I want to highlight that ALL of the lyrics in my blog are translated from the original booklets. I don't want any misunderstandings ^^'

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment! This is really cool to hear :) We would love to have more non-English translations on the site if you'd like to contribute any of your work -- and we can of course credit you by name and link to your blog as well. It's always important to us that any translations we post are translated from the original Japanese lyrics (and not from our English translations), so this would be perfect for us :) Please let me know how I can get in touch with you to discuss this!

    2. Thanks! ^^
      Sure, I don't know If you want to talk by Facebook or maybe Tumblr?

    3. Sure! My Tumblr is tokyocinderella :) Drop me a line!