Monday, August 29, 2016

Lyrics page renovation + discography page upped!

My work over the past week is finally finished with two major site updates --

  • The lyrics page has been majorly simplified and listings have been arranged alphabetically instead of by release. I realize most people aren't going to have the releases' track lists memorized, and when you just want to find a song fast, alphabetical listings are the way to go.
  • But don't worry -- detailed CD information has moved over to the newly-added Discography section! I've added more deets than we had before, including a "Special CDs" tab for releases that aren't an official part of the band's discography.
    (Some of them get a bit hazy because of they're serialized but were released on a limited basis -- so this listing is fuzzy, but at least between the two tabs, should be complete!)
I'll continue to roll out updates to hopefully offer more and more, better, accurate information about the band, so stay tuned. Next on my list is a little break from the coding work to get some more lyrics in, so look forward to those!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New member + lyrics added!

Just this afternoon, support member Nov (previously nob) was announced as the newest member of THE GALLO. Starting today, he will be playing with the band officially from the kamite (lead guitar, stage-right) position. Wajow has already moved to shimote (rhythm guitar, stage-left).

Nov's profile has been added to the Members page, and I'll have the main graphic updated with the new group photo later today.

I've also added more lyrics and translations to the site -- head over to the Lyrics section to see all songs from Maou and Tokyo Cinderella in English, romaji, Japanese -- and in one case, Russian!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

International LUCIFERO Preorders!

CDJapan has added LUCIFERO to its site, meaning you can preorder it now for international shipping! Check it out here.